Pamela Fitzpatrick Answers the Solitary Call of Baking

Pamela Fitzpatrick

Before she found her true calling in the kitchen, Pamela Fitzpatrick's career took her into the art and advertising worlds. From there she funneled her creativity into more solitary endeavors—baking. Through her career serving as founder/executive baker at Chicago's Fox & Obel to corporate pastry chef of Lettuce Entertain You, Fitzpatrick embraces what it takes to get into the "zone" by yourself in the wee hours of the morning just to turn out the perfect fresh bread. We checked in with Fitzpatrick right before she set out to open Little Bigs, a foodshop and bakery in Portland, Maine, this summer. In this video we got her to reveal what's going to be on her new menu (spoiler: mini breakfast pizzas!), her problem with Parisian baguettes of the past and more.

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Delightful! Wish we were closer to Little Bigs.

5/20/2013 2:23 PM Posted By: Dyal Randall

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