Fermentation Video Extras

The Plate Editors Divulge How The Fermentation Issue Came Alive

Lucky for chefs, the ancient art of fermentation is alive and well on restaurant menus, from crème fraîche desserts to housemade pickles, new takes on sauerkraut, Asian meats, cider, kombucha, pulque cocktails and more. Plate editors Chandra Ram and Liz Grossman get into why now is the time to focus on fermentation.

Yogurt Gets Whipped at Storefront Company

Whether spiked with cacao nibs or whipped up plain, Storefront Company Pastry Chef Kym DeLost shows us how they make their house yogurt for coffee cake, parfaits and more at the Chicago restaurant.

Paul Virant On Why He's a Fan of Fermentation

Perennial Virant Chef/Owner Paul Virant chats about his favorite jarred jewels of fermented vegetables, krauts and more at his Chicago restaurant and more.

Chatting with Menu Maestros Pat and Mike Sheerin

Fermentation Menu Maestros, co-chefs and brothers Pat and Mike Sheerin talk about how they keep things funky in the kitchen at Chicago's Trenchermen.

Drinking in the Fruit Vinegar at BellyQ

Beverage Manager Peter Vestinos demonstrates drinking-vinegar culture at BellyQ in Chicago.

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Trenchermen's Pat Sheerin Demos His Kimchi Mortadella

Chef/Co-Owner Pat Sheerin of Trenchermen in Chicago demonstrates his kimchi mortadella arancini with rhubarb umeboshi. 

Chef Paul Fehribach Relishes in House Pickles

Big Jones’ Executive Chef Paul Fehribach puckers up for pickles, from picallilli to wax beans.

Bryan Moscatello Gets to the Heart of Fermentation at Storefront Company

Chef/Partner Bryan Moscatello of Storefront Company discusses how he pulls off a house biga, the pickled ramps that grace the house martinis and more at his Chicago restaurant.

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