Meet the Front-Line Workers of NYC's Food Supply Chain, and Other Essential Reading

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Meet the Front-Line Workers of NYC’s Food Supply Chain

The delivery driver, the warehouse stockiest, the store employee, the line cook, and the delivery guy. Our food is exchanged through a lot of hands before it’s eaten, and these workers are essential to keeping people fed. Eater’s Gary He spoke to and photographed all the people in the food chain for a single dish from the Taiwanese restaurant Ho Foods in New York for this insightful look at the people putting their lives on the line so we can eat.

Will the Coronavirus Make Restaurants Like Mine Extinct?

It’s the question every chef and owner is considering right now, whether you are open for full business, doing delivery or completely closed. How will this pandemic change the industry as a whole? Amanda Cohen of New York City’s Dirt Candy shares her story and what can happen as the country’s restaurant business rebuilds from scratch over at The New York Times.


“It Was Gone Overnight” One Restaurant’s Struggle to Weather the Pandemic

When Eric Wang, Simone Jacobson and Jocelyn Law-Yone—the owners of Thamee restaurant in Washington, D.C., saw their reservations drop by 50 percent in early March, it was the first sign that everything they planned was about to change. Christina Cauterucci at Slate shares what it was like for them to decide to close the restaurant.